Professional Divisions:
On each project, IMAGE adopts the professional division of operation. The individual contact person will be assigned to each business to undertake the project with instant communication. From confirming the order to final package of deliver, IMAGE has separate teams to be in charge of every step with strict quality control. We acquired the highest level of the distinctive service with ISO 9001 quality certification.

Project Department:

IMAGE has a group of excellent foreign language talents as well as another group of international PMP (Project Management Professional) qualified talent, who can instantly provide clients with fast, accurate, professional and high-quality communication services.

Production Department:

Setp 1: CAD / CAM department ─ by carefully preplanned with technique and engineering to sculpture model’s initial appearance.

Step 2: Finishing department ─ practice model precise texture and color to give products rich visual performance.

Step 3: Printing department – perform color printing and lighting simulation, finishing touch builds the creative essence of the model.

R & D Department :

With a highly skilled engineering team, composed as a strong R & D team, IMAGE advanced with times and committed ourselves to research, new materials development, and newly invented technology. Also, with systematic and a regular basis updates, we assemble all kinds of new samples and innovative colors in our materials center to offer designers unlimited inspiration and imagination.

Mold Design Department:

A group of people who have professional mold making knowledge and rich backgrounds are gathered here to assist clients to solve mold problems, improve production efficiency and to provide small and medium-volume production service.

.3D Sketch Model
.Working Model
.Rapid Prototype
.5-axis Machine
.Scale Model
.Dynamic Model
.Low Volume Production

Model-making Flow

Model-making timelines

‧5-axis CNC machines ‧Finishing appliance
‧Innovative Color & Material Center ‧Fast mold
‧RP machine ‧Spray room
‧NCVM appliance ‧Leatherworking appliance
‧Photography room ‧R&D Labs
‧Silkscreen printing ‧Sandblast & Anodize appliance
‧Glass machine ‧Laser cutting machine
‧Electroplating machine ‧Stamping appliance
‧Quality Control management ‧Rubber casting appliance‧

Through supplement of international brand of paint such as AkzoNobel, PPG, Merk, Cashew, Dupont, etc., our professional art masters are skilled to work on color-matching upon clients ’requests. In order to achieve the accuracy of color, IMAGE also owns in-house appliances like gloss level machine and light spectrometer to ensure every color-matching.