Urban Aesthetics

The training of human resources has been a core value of IMAGE. Except for the youth workplace Initiative projects, Solar Project, Taiwan and Germany elite program with the Ministry of Education - Edison lighting plan, IMAGE also engages with Industrial Design Departments from several Universities for project cooperation. Aside from providing students’ Scholarship and internship, we also sponsored independent designers to establish their own brand as well as putting efforts on cultural and creative program such as “the Meining dolls”. Moreover, annually we will donate for charities as low-income families of students, the China Family Support Center, Chinese search teaching corps, the center of anti-cancer, rare diseases associations, and disaster event over the years, etc.

Earth Caring

IMAGE makes the environmental protection as an important project in business management field. We understand that only when an appropriate balance between the economic costs and resource conservation is achieved, the earth’s ecological environment and human social / economic activities can be sustained for good.
With this idea, we make commitment to society, clients and all employees. Our operations will not only comply with the environmental protection regulation, but put resource conservation and its efficient usage into practice. We focus on pollutions prevention, reduction, and controls efficiently. Our organization's operating activities, products and services are all based on the care for the Earth in mind. With our clients’ supports, we will continuously do every effort to maintain good interaction with the overall environment ecological system.