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Vision | Mission

【Vision】Sustainable development, excellence, enhance the value of product design and practice life aesthetics
As a global leader, IMAGE provides total and unique working experience, fabricating extensive collection of prototypes that range from highly customized artifacts to 3C products. IMAGE delivers with prime quality in prompt plan to make clients’ contentment. Based on our distinctive working culture and state-of-the art facilities, we then could remain the front runner position among the toughest competitions.

【Mission】Apply precision execution and rich experience to enhance the value of product development. Provide designers from worldwide with most beautiful models to help communicate design concepts.
With over thirty years of practical model making experience, IMAGE endorses a lot of enthusiasm in the model details. We continue to make breakthroughs in production technology which often exceeds clients’ expectations. The precision on realizing the design concept and styling, with new materials, new paint and texture performance, makes every details reaching to extreme. Breathe life into the product; IMAGE assists designers to create endless possibilities.

Your mission, we complete.
IMAGE provides customized services such as electronics consumer products, home appliances, IT products, small volume productions and model making consulting.

‧Core Value

【Integrity】Details make perfect quality. Quality makes IMAGE.
We mean what we say.

【Clients Trust】Your mission, We complete.

【The Behavioral Culture】What you do makes you, be one of the best parts of TEAM WORK.

【Modesty】Stay positive, embrace the bravery, never stop to conquer ourselves to make a better one.

【Unceasing Innovation】Endless innovation with extensive creativity, value, lasts forever.

‧Business Principle

【Integrity】Clients come first.
IMAGE pursuits of perfect quality to build faithful entrusting

【Quality】Quality is our reputation. With rigorous attitude towards cases of clients, continually researching and developing new materials and applications, IMAGE makes great efforts to meet every demand.

【Confidentiality】All employees are required to follow the highest level of information safety standards along with signing a confidentiality agreement, in strict compliance with the privacy regulations. In September 2008, we are qualified with the highest level of information security specification ISO27001 certification.

【Innovation Integration Services】The project management system takes care of the whole process starting from clients’ design concept, mock-up fabrication, resources integrated to final production. IMAGE provides clients with one-stop supreme quality control service.

【Sustainable Development】As a leading role in the world, IMAGE pursues of innovative techniques and new materials development. In order to pursuit enterprise’s sustainable development, IMAGE continually improves the content and quality of services along with carrying out diverse expansions.

【ECO Friendly】IMAGE makes the environmental protection as an important project in business management field. We understand that only when an appropriate balance between the economic costs and resource conservation is achieved, the earth’s ecological environment and human social / economic activities can be sustained for good.
With this idea, we make commitment to society, clients and all employees. Our operations will not only comply with the environmental protection regulation, but put resource conservation and its efficient usage into practice. We focus on pollutions prevention, reduction, and controls efficiently. Our organization's operating activities, products and services are all based on the care for the Earth in mind. With our clients’ supports, we will continuously do every effort to maintain good interaction with the overall environment ecological system.

【Happy workplace】IMAGE commits to create a happy workplace, make the happiness to internalize as energy to going forward. At the same time we maintain the group centripetal force, in addition to the daily healthy meals, regular health checks, health promotion activities, and regular courses, these all continue encouraging employees to increase their own competitiveness and developments.

【Social Responsibility】Training of human resources is a core value of IMAGE for a long period. Except for the youth workplace Initiative projects, Solar Project, elite program, we also engage with many Industrial Design Department from several Universities for project cooperation. Aside from providing student scholarship and internship opportunities, IMAGE also sponsored independent designers to start their own brand and put efforts on cultural and creative program such as “the MEINING dolls”.
Moreover, annually we will donate for charities as low-income families of students, the China Family Support Center, Chinese search teaching corps, the center of anti-cancer, rare diseases associations, and disaster event, etc. over the years.

Pioneer Period

1984 Founded by Kim Cheng / Home appliances / Office located in Lu Zhou Township

1986 Modeling performance of 3C electronics

1989 2D CAD machine, Model of laptop screen

1990 Communication and Electronics management system

Indirect-Order Period

1991 Re-located to Taishan Township, New Taipei City

1992 Models of Audio center

1993 3D CNC machine

1996 High end tech to produce models of CRT monitor

1997 New tech to process compound metals / Alclad model

1998 Practical training program / C.G University and M.C.I.T

1999 12” theme framed LCD monitor models

2000 Processed models of Mobile phone

Direct-Order Period

2001 High end (speed) CNC machine and software

2003 Cooperate with international brand: wireless phone, LCD monitor, and printer

2005 ISO9001 certificate, cooperate with biggest brand of cell phone company in Europe

2008 ISO27001 certificate

2010 5-axis machine, glass cutting technology, TTQS qualification. Healthy workplace certification

2011 2011 Taipei World Design EXPO

2012 Taiwan Designer’s Week, printing and anodizing new technology, small volume production, ISO14001 certificate


I have model making experience more than thirty years, from the field of home appliance, computer products to 3C products, which makes a microcosm of the entire electronics industry in Taiwan. Through the rapid development of science and technology, with time passing by, the quality requirements are still consistently adhere to the bottom of my mind - "quality is our reputation" is our mission that never fails. It’s our call to continue to do our best to provide the best service to you.

With the help of our excellent team, the application of advanced equipment, the hearts that never stop learning, we expect that with our rich experience and professional technology, we can help designers to create more possibilities for human society and will bring better life aesthetics to future!

2006 Taipei County Industrial Innovation Research Award
2011-2013 TTQS (training quality assessment system to assess) the bronze medal
2012 New Taipei City the business continuity Elite Award
2012 Department of Health's Bureau of Health Navigator Award