Happy Time

2018 Year-end Feast

Year-end Feast called “Wei-ya” in Mandarin. Like our traditional, we still got prizes for every employee in the lucky draw. In addition to the delicious food, we also prepared amazing entertainment programs for all ages. Children of all colleagues are always looking forward to this annual banquet. Moreover, we have 5 senior colleagues with more than 15 years of experience this year. We are grateful to everyone that joined IMAGE TEAM to help the company succeed. See you all around next year!

2018 Annual sports day

To promote sports and enhance the health of our colleagues for self-motivated, our Health Promotion Society has held Sports Day every year. We also encourage our colleagues to bring their family members to participate in our well-designed activities.

The activities not only can bring a fun time for families but also to gel the team and enhance the internal cohesion in the company. It is also a great opportunity for companies to improve the employee-employer relationship. What a win-win situation!