Welcome to ModelGo by Image Model

ModelGo is a model-making evaluation tool that provides an estimated cost range and lead time and is developed for the following purposes:

  • Options exploring: ModelGo allows you to compare and evaluate alternative design options by exploring model-making possibilities as well as model-making costs.
  • Ballpark budgeting: ModelGo provides a model-making cost estimation for project budgeting through inputting preliminary model-making criterias.
  • Schedule planning: ModelGo offers a rough lead time estimate for model-making so you can plan your design schedule ahead of time.

Image Model understands the value and confidentiality of your design therefore no CAD or CMF files are required when using ModelGo.

Note: Due to the uniqueness and details of each design, ModelGo should be utilized as an initial cost estimator rather than as a final cost evaluator.

3D model free, Quick valuation, No annoying marketing