Societal Engagement

Internship Program

Image Model gives back to the future of our technology-powered community by collaborating with educational causes. Utilizing apprenticeship programs, Image Model provides internships for students majoring in product design and students with a prospective pursuit in related fields.

The interns are encouraged to not only learn from work experiences but to also further develop their potentials with punctuality as a key work ethic inefficiency.

We have also strengthened relationships with colleges by teaching model-making courses and assisting in design projects. Image cultivates students and future innovators who have the drive.

The company also strives to lead interns to broader horizons, to produce the next generation of exceptional leaders who will help better our tomorrow.

Charities IMAGE Supports

  • Elite Green Seed Scholarship Project
  • Taiwan Fund Children + Families 921 Earthquake
  • Taiwan Fund Adoption
  • International Students Foundation of R.O.C.
  • Association Social Care International HQ
  • Association Social Care National Taiwan Science Education Center
  • The Foundation for the Hearing Impaired
  • Taiwan Foundation for the Blind