How Can We Help You?


What is the biggest size that you can make?

The biggest CNC size we can machine in-house is 1000*1200mm. If there’s larger model than this size, please feel free to discuss with us.


If we have some special materials to provide to Image, would you be able to machine?

Yes, we can discuss on the requirement and machine. If possible, please send data sheet for our better evaluation.


What material you can machine?

Any type of plastic, wood, various type of metal. The most commonly machined material in-house is Aluminum and Stainless Steel.


Could we provide existing parts or PCB for you to assemble with the model together?

Yes. However, to make sure the fit check before model assembly, it would be great if we can receive the CAD data of the existing parts and more information as much as possible.


Could you make model with lighting/illumination effect?

Yes. In terms of complicated lighting mode, we can allow the lighting effect to be controlled by app.